So, my band is playing at some girls birthday party, hardcore i know, how abouts would we turn a good performance into something truley brilliant?

Obviously we can't set fire to the place and play through the fire and flames or something.

Any ideas on how to make a live set better?

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Covers. People don't want to hear your ****ty originals, no offense.
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stage diving midgets with 40ft flames will make any show epic

in all reality though, cater to the crowd - if they wanna hear some cheezy punk play some Green Day covers, if they are into heavier stuff - play something that will cause eardrums to blister and eyes to bleed

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Hook up the vocal mic to a whammy pedal, chorus and other weird effects and have fun with that.
Play a Hendrix-esque version of Happy Birthday, with lots of oscillations and squeals and general wankery.
well, like the guys before me said, cater to the crowd, play covers that anyone there can get into, and play the sickest **** you know, freebird, master of puppets and anything by gilbert/vai is always a good call
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play any fall out boy song. im sure theyll like it.
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Thanks for the advice.

We're mixing up covers with originals.

The crowd thats there love us, despite us never playing in front of them, teenagers are strange.

Covers are: Blood Sugar (Opener) Pendulum
Pain for Pleasure- Sum 41
Age of Pampirus (Wild boys theme, something like that anyway) Turbonegro
Welcome Home- Coheed & Cambria

Our originals are all pretty heavy and fitting with the audience.

Seem alright to you guys?
Blood Sugar (Opener) Pendulum
Gear List

PRS SE Tremonti
Ltd Mh-100qmnt
Peavey Rotor ex
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Bugera 412h

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Blood Sugar Sex Magik, do instead. That would be the greatest opener ever.
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Here are some tips:

  • Make Sure You Guys Are Well Practiced: If you're well practiced, you guys will sound good and play well. Tightness is key.
  • Make Sure You Have A Soundcheck: Set up your levels properly. A terrible mix can ruin a performance.
  • Put Lots of Energy Into Your Show: Move around and make it exciting. This will raise the energy level of the audience. It will also help hide mistakes.
  • Get The Audience Involved: eg. by singing along or clapping along. This will help keep audience energy levels up and keep them excited about your show.
  • Talk To The Audience: Ask them if they're having a good time, make some jokes etc. This helps audience participation and gets them excited.
  • If You Make A Mistake Move On: Don't worry about any mistakes you play. Just keep playing and most people won't even notice.
  • Keep Space In-between Songs Minimal: A good performance relies on a good flow. Too much time in-between songs destroys this flow. Keep the pace moving.
  • Be Passionate and Have Fun!: This is probably the most important tip. As long as you put your heart into it, the audience will know and this will elevate your show dramatically.

I hope that helps.
WARNING:This post contains explicit portrayals of violence; sex; violent sex; sexual violence; clowns and violent scenes of violent excess, which are definitely not suitable for all audiences.