ive tried looking for one, and downloaded one or two but i can't find one that works.

what i want is a guitar tune (doesn't just play the note, can also tell me if i'm flat/sharpe) so that i can tune my guitar on my sony-ericsson w910i.

i can tune by ear, but often im at peoples partys and they ask me to play a few songs and most times the guitar is out of tune, and usually by that time ive had a few too many beers and i can't tune properly. it would be great to just be able to get out my phone and tune off it.

thanks guys
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Carry a tuner?
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Carry a tuner?

id rather not...

if theres a simpler solution then great. just seeing if any of you guys had a link that could help me out
Hi I'm
Mr. JimBo R. Insane
Just carry a really small tuner that works based on vibration. It's what I use. It's portable, durable, relatively cheap, and works really well.
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I found a tuner which is basically a keyring once. If I remember correctly, it cost £18. Looked good and handy too.
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Get one of those planet waves things. It's like the size of a plectrum and works by sending out of phase blips of ligt at a vibrating string and can detect when the frequency is 440.

It only does standard, but it's pretty useful.