Now I don't usually puke when I get totally hammered, but it's happened a few times before and it wasn't pleasant. Are there any ways to prevent puking while getting drunk?
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Eat plenty beforehand and pace yourself.

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Don't drink quickly, and if/when you eat, do it very slowly and eat things you ALWAYS agree with. I've only puked once ever(from drinking), and that was from drinking wine WAY too fast.
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I find that if I'm sick it sobers me up really quickly. Erm, I also find that I'm sick more if I mix my drinks so try to stick to one drink for the whole night.
i like puking when im drunk.
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Just drink lots and you'll eventually have more tolerance.

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Eat a lot of bread before hand...kinda acts like a sponge
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Eat during the day.
Drink more occasionally to build up your tolerance.
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Drink one glass/bottle of water between each beer/mixed drink you have. You'll be able to drink more and not get hungover in the morning as well as not puking. Other then that I'd say eat some food bread/toast is the best.
Drink Milk before. It sounds silly but it does actually work. Lines your stomach before hand, i always do it. Its never failed
dont slam shots unless you can hold em down
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Some people have the wrong idea here, some have the right idea.

Space out your drinks. staying away from liquor usually helps. drink something else too...like soda or water, water will help more though. and eat bread before you start drinking. just like 2 or 3 slices.
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I never throw up from drink.

But drink with food, space out your drinking and drink water.
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Pace yourself. Don't chuck the drinks back. Just keep sipping at a beer. Without noticing, you will go through them pretty quickly.
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start dirinking water (just a bottle will work) befor you go to bed, after youve been drinking and you wont have to suffer through a hangover the next day...works every time. as for puking while drinkin, best advice would be have some sort of food in your stomach befor and take your time. goodluck.
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Drink Milk before. It sounds silly but it does actually work. Lines your stomach before hand, i always do it. Its never failed

That is relatively true.

To be honest, if you're drinking so much you puke, you should probably drink less. I drink til I'm tipsy to drunk, not hammered. I just don't enjoy it when I get ****ed up like that.
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Don't mix drinks, you're bound to throw up.


Indeed, if you don't mix you won't throw up. Every time i threw up, i drunk beer mixed with wine, tequila, wodka, ...
The reason you're puking is because there's too many toxins in your body. That means you drank too much. Don't listen to these guys about food. If you don't want to puke drink on an empty stomach. Go get some food after the party. If there is no party you have a problem.
Don't mix drinks, don't drink quickly.
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I always drink water and eat before I go to bed. If i know that it's gonna be bad, i might pop some tylenol. I do this all of the time and im okay.

But in order not to throw up, you just gotta acquire that skill. You gotta know your limit too! U'll find it pretty quick.
Have a better sense of control while you are drinking. Know your limits. Pace yourself. Self control.

About 5 beers gives me a good buzz. Then I space out the beers after that just to maintain that buzz, not get fully drunk.
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eating stuff with a lot of salt helps.. Chips are great.
i skip the beer and go straight to the orange juice...

and just don't mix em, it's like a vomit pill (whatever they're called)
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dont mix the grain with the grape.
meaning dont drink stuff rom grain (beer, vodka whisky etc) on the same night as stuff from grape (wine champagne)

also cider and a bit of whisky has never failed me.
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you just gotta know your limits. really.
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learn how to pace yourself. you have to learn how much you can drink and how drunk you can get before you cross over that line into waste-case.

remember, despite what you might have heard NO ONE likes a waste case.

i know i dont atleast....
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i've bheen sick once from drink and i felt amazing afterwards
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