I'm trying to practice guitar, and I own an Acoustic Yamaha FG750S, but it is SO F'N LOUD if I use a pick that I have to practice with my thumb because I live in an apartment with thin walls and I feel this is really hindering my learning experience because eventually I need to get use to playing with a pick.

My question is, is it possible to practice on an electric guitar without the amp? I hard that before and it with very quiet. Quiet enough I feel that I can practice without too much noise.

Or is there guitars out there that are much quieter that I can use a pick that is won't be so gosh darn loud.

Thank you!
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Wouldn't that destroy your hearing?

No, normal hearing level without headphones usually equalls normal hearing levels with headphones. Why else would there be a headphone socket (don't say for recording because it is called a headphone socket)?
I don't recommend playing an electric acoustically. I feel your pain about the amp being too loud. My amp has 2 volume settings too! no sound or way too much sound. Just get yourself some phones
You could get one of those devices to cover the sound hole, some headphones, or just play an electric without an amp. I play my electric without my amp more than with and it sounds fine and isn't too loud at all. You can hear it, but it doesn't overpower many other sounds.
It may sound a little bit ghetto, but you could try stuffing your acoustic with socks, shirts, or any soft, spacious fabrics. Doing so would most definitely dampen the sound, making it sound not too loud with a pick.
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