Hi! I have these options, the guitar will be an ESP LTD EC-1000. Mostly metal.

These are my main options here in Israel:

ROLAND CUBE 30X - 480$
VOX AD30VT - 530$

The options abroad are pretty much anything.... But it will be much, much harder to get it here as I have no family members going to the US soon and even if I did amps are heavy.

Should I make an effort and go for something like a VK 112? I'm getting the guitar in the US anyway.. But is it wise to get an amp from that far?

of the amps listed, the Roland cube would be the best for metal. IMO. While the vox is a little more versatile, the cube definitely has it for metal. I would also discount the Peavey, I don't like that amp at all. I remember thinking my MG sounded better?!
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urm i u wanted metal you would get the xl version of the vox but even so beetr amps out there for taht price range i dont know much about metal but deffo better ones out there but imagine the valveking is good
The Vox Valvetronix. I have the 50 watt combo and that amp gets loud and heavy. It has the feel of a tube amp and responds like one too. This is because it has a tube preamp section. Those suckers are loud as hell. Also you may wanna check out the Burgera amps if you're on a budget. They're very affordable tube amps that pack a big bang at a resonable price.
The Vox AD50 is probably your best bet. It can 'do' metal, maybe not quite as well as the Cube can, but it certainly will reach high gains and put out a powerful crunch. I'd say buy the Vox because it will also give you other tones as well, and effects while the Cube is not as diverse. Thats the comprimise you must make: Roland Cube - Slightly better metal tone, not many options...or...Vox ADVT Series - Not quite as good metal tone, but far more advantages.
The AD50VT costs more... I might go with the cube. Or the valveking if I can get it. Which Bugera?
Used 5150 Combo, dont they go for around 500?
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In Israel they are not very common, and if you can find one, new ones will cost about 2000$.
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