haha, this hasnt go anything to do with Marshalls, but I knew it would catch everyones attention and I need an answer real fast, thats the only reason I did it. I have an RR1, and i want to change the black control plate (pickguard some people call it) for a gold one coming off an RR5. Would they be the same size so that I'd just be able to unscrew my black one, take of the knobs and switch cover and put on the gold one?

Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
We want Superlead Plexi damnit.
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if it doesn't fit, drill a few little holes to make it

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i feel mislead, therefor i wont help you
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I want a Superlead Plexi
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i feel mislead, therefor i wont help you

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Definately the Plexi.

See what I did there? He mislead me so I mislead him, haha.

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i feel mislead, therefor i wont help you

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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Can someone please give me an aswer that would help? The auctions ends very soon and I dont have any other way of finding out if theyre the same measurements.

You should've known that this thread would deviate from it's title. An MG or a Plexi? Thats just a rediculous question
Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
I say Plexi. As in make a plexiglass control plate instead.

I have no idea. Seems like they ought to be the same size.
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this is horse**** these misleading titles are getting annoying.
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I agree, u deserve the fail
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^ Sorry, didnt realize that I ended the world with my misleading title.

Seriously, MG or a Plexi? Did any of you really think this was a serious thread? If so , you're just making yourselves look like idiots by getting mad. The only reason that you came into this thread to post was so that you could write the word "Plexi" and up your total posts. Everyone knows that a Plexi is incomparable, and anyone who even knows of a top amp like the Plexi wouldnt buy an MG.

I dont have alot of time, so I used this to get peoples attention. Had I made it "RR1 control plate vs RR5 control plate", I wouldnt have gotten then help I needed. It's UG politics, you'll learn.
Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
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... **** the plexi get that... aww someone was going to do it... maybe...

as for the pickguard, dunno never owned a RR lol. But i do know that with my gibson faded special sg, and the normal sg specials pickguards holes line up a bit different i believe, so who knows?
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Were not helping you because you tried to mislead us. when I saw youre thread title, I assumed you were a troll. I'm actually half tempet to report you, it really annoys me when people do what you did.

dude, it was just a bit of humour... you're tempted to report him for not giving the same boring thread title as always but being original instead ?

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QUOTE - SG Man Forever - QUOTE - Ok, I used a totally misleading title. I admitted that in the 1st post, I wasnt trying to hide anything.

Thing is, I'm not just asking a stupid question like you would think by the thread title. I'm actually asking a pretty important question, and I really dont have much time to get an answer, so I pulled something that would get peoples attention. Put the handcuffs on now.

As anyone can clearly see, I didnt start this thread to **** with anyone, but had I came up with a title about control cavitys then noone wouldve viewed it, I wouldnt have got an answer, and I'd be out of a control plate that prabobly wouldve fit.

Honestly, the way some people react to this is rediculous. If nothing else, I got a pretty good laugh about the thought of someone questioning an MG vs. a Plexi, and I'm not the only one, so maybe people like you didnt make this thread a total failure. QUOTE - SG Man Forever - QUOTE
Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
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The MG is SS. The Plexi is tube. Neither will fit in your control cavity.

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