Because I don't trust Guitar Center anymore. (Is it possible that they sold me a blem model without telling me? And yes, I know it would be my fault for not noticing anyways.)

I have a Jackson Dinky DX2M or something like that. Black finish.
The 24th fret isn't in all the way and it's killing my e string sound on the higher frets. Is there a quick fix to this? Because I've got like...30 minutes. If not, I don't think they're glued in, so what would be the easiest way to remove it?

Also, will it kill my guitar if I do remove it until I can get it repaired?

Thanks very much ahead of time.

And sorry if this is in the wrong section. It didn't feel like it belonged in the Electric Guitar section.
Hmm...I'd jus remove it. Then get it fixed later course. Take a screwdriver and very carefully push the fret upwards til it comes out.
Sand paper and masking tape. Masking tape is a guitar techs best friend.

1. tape off the fretboard to protect it from sanding damage.

2. get a flat piece of metal put it on the 23rd and 24th fret. if it rock back and forth then the fret is high.

3. get a sanding block wrap 180 grit sand paper around it and sand lightly on the high area of the fret.

4. double check the fret with the metal piece again where it was rocking. if it stops rocking you got it even.

5. get 400 grit sand paper and crown the fret by sanding the sides to get rid of sharp areas.

6. polish.
its possible they gave u a blem. they did it with my first acoustic. had to take the thing back. and if the fret is actually not fully in the slot, get a rubber mallet and GENTLY tap the fret back in. if u cant get one by the time u need it, pull the fret using the method described and fix it later.
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just tap the fret in with a mallet.
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Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that in time for practice, but thanks for the suggestions guys.

On a related note, are they really allowed to sell you one and not tell you it's blem?
The sad thing is, my parents were very silly and wouldn't let me play it until christmas (I got it on like...December 1st. So, by the time I realised it was screwed up, already passed the 30 day limit.
if its just a high fret its not a blem. the wood may have changed a little in the 30 days it sat in the box... its only wood. you can tell if its seated fully by looking at it and comparing it to the others. if it's seated, just tape around and sand it down. it's not a hard thing to do... and if it's at 24 fret that's the only option.
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