The elixirs on my acoustic (Fender sonoran) have finally seen their last chord...I've had them so long, I forget if they were polyweb or nanoweb...I'm looking to get the ones that are very bright sounding...Help?...
Why not jus not spend so much on Elixirs? The coatin comes off too quickly to make it worth the $5-10 (sometimes $15) more they cost. It's jus is a badly designed string with a good intent. But the string doesn't do wat it was sposed to. So, jus get some nice soundin GHS acoustic strings.
no stay with elixers and get a phosphor bronze nano webs .. they are brighter than the original bronze elixers and i love the smoothness when you slide up and down the guitar
elixirs are the most comfortable strings to play. there's no question about that. my problem with them is that they cost a fortune and dont actually last any longer. at the same time, i cant stand their bright piercing soulless tone. it sucks the tonal complexity out of my guitars. that's a
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I think elixer is the **** and they do last longer and keep the "new string sound" longer. I don't care up the ability to slide more easily.
I live by elixir poly webs for acoustic and earnie ball slinkies for electric. I have found that elixir electric guitar string suck.