It's pretty sweet, pretty sick bassline you got going on. I love it when it gets into the (Interlude?) when it gets all soft. I'd love to hear a full band version.

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Pretty interesting intro, though I think it would sound better (and this applies for the whole song) if the power chords and such you were playing matched the root notes of the lead riffs. Very cool bassline later on, and with the effects adn such. The drums could use some work throughout the entire song. There are some parts that just aren't very coherent. I mean, the leads don't match the chords being played, and the chord progression just isn't very interesting. Especially the solo and parts near it, everything just sounded to cluttered together.

Overall, it's a pretty cool song! It just needs some work here and there Good job!

I would appreciate if you would give mine a crit, the link is in my sig (The Lotus Tree).
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Yeah i guess the drums need work, I shall look it over again and get back with an update hopefully... More crits Please
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Hi man, thanks for the crit.

The intro itself was pretty good; the riff was original, but for some reason it wasn't really too catchy imo. Riff one was pretty similar, in the sense it was good, worked well, but just wasn't really catchy. The harmonies worked well as well.

The solo was really good; but it was more of a riff in itself as well. What however I liked the most was not only the acoustic stuff, but the outro riff with the two acoustic guitars in a strange harmony - it created a very interesting effect that worked really well in my opinion. I would like to hear this recorded, since the midi sounds are as similar to real instruments as a teapot is to a church bell =P
Well the riffs are awesome and i really dig the bass, but the drums need work, apart from that- awesome!
Crit Mine?
The first half of the song has a little bit of a verse-chorus-verse feel to it. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with it, but some variations here and there, such as the addition of the drums in the second acoustic verse, would really help to keep that first half more interesting.
The second half is pretty epic. I think my favorite part has to be the outro. My initial thought was . Probably one of the coolest outros I've heard done on Guitar Pro. The bass throughout the whole song was phenomenal as well. Overall, I'd say the song is an 8/10. A little work here and there and it could easily be a 9.

If you're interested, I just put up a song tonight. The thread title is "Prog Metal Song." I'd appreciate a crit, but there isn't really any obligation or anything. Keep up the good work, man.
yeah i was going for a verse chorus verse form. I dont plan on updating this lol but i might consider it. Who knows lol.
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