Hey guys, just thought you might enjoy my interpretation of Vivaldi's - The Four Seasons - The Spring. (also known as “Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In E Major&rdquo

For your listening pleasure I have emulated a string quintet on this most famous classical selection using my 68′ Gibson SG and recording direct with a Line6 Flextone3 amplifier.

This is the complete works of “The Spring” and a minimum of 250 tracks of electric guitars were used to complete this sonic tapestry (all done on a little Pro Tools LE system) and all 3 movements (Allegro, Largo and Allegro) are incorporated into this 10:46 musical journey.

**this is one of my very first attempts at multi tracking and the project is close to 3 years old and still in "rough mix" status but nonetheless worth sharing.



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i thought this was a really good effort, but the notes sound way to regimented. it lacks flow. props on the good harmonies adn such though
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Hi Chris, thanks for the honesty there..
Yes I should have made mention this is one of my very first attempts at multi tracking and the project is close to 3 years old and still in "rough mix" status. Of course as time goes by and with tons of practice pro tools now seems less intimidating and easier to work with.

Well enough of the disclaimers... LOL

Thank you,

I liked this alot, very nice tones on the lead guitar. The rythmn guitars are a bit too bassy but thats just me talking. All in all good cover, I'd say the production could be a bit better but I appreciate that this is an early mix.

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Thanks poona..!
Yes one of these days I am actually going to dump all these tracks on one of my engineers and let them do their magic. The "to-do" list is always growing and that is one of the bullet points to address. There are lots of little gremlins lurking in the basement of this session and it would be quite the task to clean them up.