I might buy my friends strat and i wanna get a light neck for it so it will look sorta like eric claptons strat(this strat)

where can i buy a neck that looks like that?(cheap too)
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kk... will i search "maple neck" or "maple fretboard" or are they the same?
I play guitar.
I'd try warmoth, as supe18 suggests. They have great options there. In fact, provided you have the $$$, you can basically build a completely customized guitar on warmoth. BE warned that it is expensive tho.

Jus click on guitars, then guitar necks. Here's the link, http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/necks/necks.cfm. Pick the style head you want and then the wood of it and all the rest.
search ebay for 'maple strat neck'. i doubt its possible to get decent cheap neck anywhere. unless u want to build ur own, cause blanks are only around $15-20 for maple.
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Cheap and good neck dont go together well. There are some 80 dollar necks out there but they arent going to be very good.
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