so on wednesday I will be grabbin a heavy distortion pedal I think I have decided with the Metal Muff, I just wanted to come here to get any last minute desicions, see if any of you know of a better pedal for the money if you do let me know.

also should it go infront of or behind my wah pedal(dunlop crybaby)?

also im playing with an Ibanez RGT42 with stock pickups
and my amp is a vox ad50vt (donno how it will sound through this but i kinda plan of getting a new amp soon)
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I think that's a good choice, and I would recommend running it AFTER the wah. That's how most people do it, but the other way isn't exactly 'wrong' it's just different. Try both, but keep in mind you'll get a more pleasing sound with it after the wah.
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Metal muff is great! It depends really you can put it before or after your wah, most people will put it after the wah but try out putting it infront. I believe hendrix put his fuzz infront of the wah...
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i think the muff sounds pretty good.. i put my wah after my distortion because i feel like it screams more in solo's and is definately more pronounced. You can try out what you like best though.. it's just plugging it in 2 times.. it takes 1 minute..
just try what you like best.
I have my distortion pedal in front of my wah cause I think it gives it more sweep that when you put it after the wah.
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