Ok I need help finding a sticker to go on a Slammer P bass (Chaparral). The guitar is flourescent orange (custom) and the pickguard is black. It has black and white dice for knobs, a rose wood fretboard and maple neck. I want a sticker (NO BRANDS) to put under my strings. Im thinking about a biohazard sticker, what are your ideas?
its all a personal decision.. biohazard sounds cool, some might like a skull, some might like a flower.. just go with whatever you like.

i'd say pick something that relates to how you play.. Ex: don't put a biohazard sticker if you play blues, and don't put a skull if your a christian rocker. Find something that has meaning to you and run with it.. plus, stickers aren't permanent... if you don't like it, swap it

i hope this helped
Can you show us a picture of the guitar first? That'd really help
My guitar is in peices right now Lol. I just got all the parts in and am starting to assemble. I will eventually get a pic though. Im leaning towards the skull or biohazard now. I play alot of Rush and Sabbath ect.