which one of these do you guy's think would be a better choice? all i'm really going for is trying to add more lowend but i don't want to sacrifice any of my tone to get more lowend so i'm thinking of either the DOD SR431QXLR 31-Band EQ or the MXR M-109 6-Band Graphic EQ, i'm leaning more towards the mxr because i prefer pedals over rack stuff, but it's only six bands. would those 6 bands be plenty? i ditched the 2x12 and got a line 6 Flextone 4x12

any help and opinions are accepted and appreciated
31 Band? Damn, tweaking that thing would be sheer hell.

The 6 Band should be plenty, although for your information MXR also offers a 10 Band in pedal form for some additional tweaking. I own that particular version and it's great.
I would go with the 10 band... The 31 band is good if your know exactly what your looking for and can set it and forget about it... If you like to constantly tweak per song then get the ten band.