well neways these are my new thoughts on how to accomplish their tone with the cheapest amount of money..

i love beckers tone on perputual burn and friedmans on dragons kiss. and i find thier clean tones in cacophony to be unbelievable

this is in order of wat i want but im open to suggestions.

1. carvin legacy (NS and mayb an OD/DS pedal)

2. carvin x100b (gonna require an OD/DS/TS, noise supperes, many reviews say distortion is quite choppy)

3. marshall JCM 2000 DSL or TSL. i wanted to know peoples opinons on my amp selections and other suggestons they might have. im not interested in the carvin svt300 unless u hvae owned it and give it an amazing review.

also plz, nd if u havent playin guitar for much long plz dont respond to this thread.

im starting to see alota guitar noobs on the forums lately. quite annoying i might add
I've got no experience with the x100b, but the Legacy's absolutely brilliant for what you want, very articulate, bright, and shreddy. The JCM's are good, but they're a bit overpriced for what they are imo.
id say go for the x100b, go for an ebay one though, alot cheaper than buying the reissues, but ya, you will need an OD/DS, although one thing, it usually sounds a tad muffled on the distortion channel, but that could just be mine, cause I haven't taken it to the guitar store to get cleaned or see if theres any problems, but Ive always runned my distortion pedals through clean channel anyway, not sure why, started as a noobish guitar thing, but now its just the sound I like no matter what amp i use
as for the clean tone, yes, the x100b can do cacophony's clean tones, and the reverb is quite beautiful too, but it's a really strong tone, if your pickups are high output, chords come out really really really loud, but doing clean leads, come out really nice, so you just gotta find that middle spot
beckers tone comprised of two different setups...during the speed metal symphony days he used a very simple setup which comprised of a modded 1970's marshall with a boss super overdrive. Such an amp might be a bit hard/expensive to get a hold of nowadays so a JCM 2000 DSL would suffice given that you are gonna have to get an eq pedal and a reverb unit (preferably rack unit). During the Perpetual Burn and Go Off! days he used an ADA MP-1 pre-amp and a boss super OD. Im not sure what power amps he used at the time but from my experience the Marshall EL34 50/50 Power Amp is the closest ive ever gotten to his tone. The ADA is also very versatile and has both amazing clean and distortion possibilities. For noise gates he used the Rocktron HUSH IIC. At the moment i cant rember what reverb and EQ units he used but im sure what we have available in stores today will suffice.

Hope this helps and good luck on your search.
im running a Jackson DKMG MG series with seymour duncan JBs. if that helps. i have no idea what kind of output they are.
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becker used JB's as well

ah beat me to it, was about to point that out