so im getting all the help and plans and ideas for my bass build that'll hopefully start over the summer.
Neck seems to be the only problem. i was thinking of buying one but it seems tobe alot cheaperr to make one.
so this is what i think i have todo
get two piecies of wood and glue them to gether and maybe add a skunkstrip down the middle (were do you get these) cut out the head its going to be a jazz bass neck.
but how do you get the right curve can i buy somthing to help with the curvwe or can i just guess it and hope it turns out ok.
please help.
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well i would imagine it would be just like a guitar neck but longer, different scale lengh and possibly thicker so you could look at guitar neck tutorials
I am making my first neck. It is almost done. It wasnt too hard but it takes a LOT of time preparation.
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but how do igure out the curve and how to hepp it smooth it straight
and were are there tutorials any sites