Has any body ever got anything from them before. are they any good, reliable. im thinking bout ordering a bass from them but wanted to know if there anygood.
soundslive? yeah my mate bought a guitar and it took 3 weeks to get to him but they said a week. thats the only drawback. It came perfect condition though
If you live close enough i'd advise going into the shop itself cos their prices differ to online ( i wanted a pedal that was £27 online but £39 instore so he knocked the extra money off!!!!)
na i cnat cause i live in ireland but tith postage from there it seems a couple of hundred euro cheaper
Their a bit dodgy in my experience. Their prices are good, but their delivery is very slow and last time I bought something off them somebody used my card to buy train tickets and a phone card, both from shops in Newcastle (where Soundslive is based)
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