Hi, this is my first post i think, at the moment i am learning welcome to the jungle (not just because i heard it in gh3 ), but its becoming a pain in the ass playin double the notes on the intro. The delay on my POD 2.0 just isn't coming soon enough after every note is hit, and i can't tweak it that much. I'm just wondering if any1 has any info on good, fully tweakable delay pedals.

thx in advance
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A carbon copy or a boss dd-3 would work, though they may be more than what you'd consider budget.
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well first of all you need to turn the response up to make it hit the notes faster. and turn the feedback down so it will dissipate faster.
CARBON COPY FTW!!! Seriously, one of the best analog delays on the market, and one of the cheapest too. (150 new)
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If you don't want to shell out the big bucks, the DOD FX90 Analog Delay is actually fairly good. If you're willing to pay more, get the MXR Carbon Copy if you want analog or one of the various Boss digital delays if you want digital. I like analog more myself.
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