Thinking on buying an LTD, i have about 1400 dollars, prefering to spend about 1000 - 1100 ? Interested in playing metal like bullet for my valentine, metallica etc plus more heavier stuff like as i lay dying. Will have a MESA boogie very soon also
well get the ec 1000. its sexy, has EMGs, and is built for metal
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also could anyone give me a website link, preferablely america where there is alot of LTD guitars and prices because I can't seem to find much seeing as google keeps finding UK stores for me
musiciansfriend has them.

My favorite is the MH-400nt, it may not be at the maximum end of your budget but it is one of my favorites(mostly because I don't like the abalone binding on the 1000 models)

Anything over the 400 series models are a good choice though.
You can get an Alexi Laiho LTD for about 1200 and the Dan Jacobs sig for about the same...
It's a bit more than you are wanting to spend, but it's worth it(IMO anyway for the Alexi Laiho sig)
Otherwise there's the Kirk Hammett LTD for 1100 as well...
For that money there's only really signature guitars in the LTD range, but they are good quality.

EDIT: These are musician's friend prices, I don't know how much they'll cost in Guitar Center and the like...
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You could get an ESP Eclipse with that budget. But still, what would be your preference? Trem or hardtail? Passive or active pickups?
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preferabley active pups, not bothered about trem or not to be honest, probably without but ill look at either.

Was looking at the newish model the HORIZON NT-II, anyone got oppinions on that ?

http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_horizon.html also every picture of a guitar with EMG's has a floyd rose, is it possible to get the guitar without the floyd and keep the emgs?
Im a sucker for the MH-1000. The binding is so drop-dead gorgeous.
EC is nice too but I dont really like the sharp shape of the cutaway horn.

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Was looking at the newish model the HORIZON NT-II, anyone got oppinions on that ?

You will have to double your budget then. Horizon II price is over $2k

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i thought you were buying a new amp?

EDIT: nvm, see your getting the rectifer good choice

+1000 to the EC-1000
the rectifier has nothing bud awesome reviews in my oppinion, theres not one person who doesn't like it so it seems the best bet

I didn't relise the guitar dealer I was going to sold LTD so thats why I never made a thread before
also, the I can find an ec-1000 going from 500-600 easily, spend the extra money on some cables.
ec 1000 seymour duncans
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ec 1000 ftw!

off of ebay for a couple/few hundred cheaper than brand new
but the binding is WAY over the top for my tastes, so i'll call out the ec-500

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Save up a bit more and get a real ESP.

Eclipse off of ebay
you can find the sunburst styles with the Seymours for around a grand if you're patient
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M-1000. Awesome guitar for so cheap. It plays like its much more. I think they run for around 850 these days. I like it more than the ec's.
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For that, I really dig the SC and EC series guitars.
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My favourite guitar right now is my H-1000, but it's from before they changed the headstock, and I like the old headstock better.
I played a EX-400 and I didn't like it AT ALL, but some people do, so go out and try as many LTD's as you can

v-500 is my favorite
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