I guess it's more of a poem but could possibly become a song.

Make a city of sand
make a city of sand
on the beach
plastic shovel it nice and neat
salt water starts creeping in
and drowns my city of sand
I'd make another
just to have it get pushed aside
by the ever changing ocean-tide
again and again and again

Enough's enough!
no point anymore
can't make a life on this lonely ocean shore

Pull out my scrap made rocket launcher
fire it!
Missle to the moon
Missle to the moon
oh the sky will be bright tonight
oh yeah, missle take flight!

Love the Low end
i love this.

the only thing i really see with it is that you should change "have it get pushed aside" to simply "have it pushed aside"

also, it starts off sounding like it would be a cute indie song, but it gets a bit grungier towards the end. :/

i really really like it though

Yeah. The rumors are true. I'm a twat.