C4C, as always guys

This is my band's new song, unfinished mind you, and I need an unbiased opinion of what it's like, what's good about it, what's bad about it.

You will notice right near the end of the song, two of the guitars carry on on their own for a short while; I thought to maybe try to have the song progress into that chord progression and have a solo over it. However, I'm not too sure about it, and well I want something that I 100% like. So give me your advice guys, I would really appreciate it.


EDIT: As well as this, I'm not sure what genre this is closest to; I was thinking perhaps Black Metal? What do you guys think?

EDIT TWO: New version is now up! Scroll down to open it
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Well lets see, intro was good a little slow compared to the rest of the song but well placed in my mind, INTRO 2 was good too, reminded me of metallica with a bit of megadeth. Verse one, i really loved those crazy bends added dimension to the song. The Chorus reminded me of One by metallica, the drums anyways, the vocal track made the chorus sound better than just instrements i don't really know what else to say but keep at this song
Okay guys, so I've finally managed to come up with a new riff for the song to progress to, and I think sounds pretty good with the song. I was also wondering whether or not this would perhaps be considered as some sort of black metal song? I've never listened to the genre, but after looking at a description, I noticed that it's quite similar.

Anyway, more crits welcome and I'll crit back!

EDIT: Attached is the song with the new riff I have come up with, it's different to the one I originally thought of progressing to.
Intro didn't interest me at all, Its pretty generic... Your 2nd Intro Sounds a bit tenacious d Iunno why but it does... Only your verses with those bends made me a bit interested. As in how will you add vocals. So far its a good song, Keep polishing it and it may turn into something original :P

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I like it a lot. I like that everything is repeated just often enough to really stick into my head but not enough for me to start getting bored of it. You might consider adding some guitar fills into the verse the second time around for some variation, nothing drastic just a quick 3 or 4 notes here and there that will fit into the background without disrupting the theme.

I really like where you're going with the break there, but I think you could actually carry it a few steps farther than you do. Ending it where you did kind of felt jarring and left me wanting to hear more. Maybe that's what you had in mind though? I also think that would be a good basis for a solo. Something jazzy and melodic, maybe similar to what you might hear from Opeth. I think the progression in the chorus would also make a nice backing for some kind of super shred solo.

Either way it's great as it is now.