I'm going to buy a martin 00-15 and I would like to know if the guitar is made of Mahohany or Sapele. How can one tell the difference?
Sapele usually has this "ribboned" look to it, whereas mahogany does not.
all the newly built 15 series (2007 and on i think) are sapele. it would be quite hard to find a mahogany one unless you buy used or if some store has had the same stock for a few years.
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Don't let the sapele turn you off the D-15 though. I don't know anyone who claims to be able to differentiate between them soundwise. If there is a difference, it's subtle as hell, and I for one can't hear it.
^ Exactly

Sapele has a really striped look to it. My guitar has sapele back and sides. The difference in sound between sapele and mahogany, in my opinion, is negligible.
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