Ok, so I am currently saving to upgrade my current rig. I plan on a new amp and a new guitar, totaling in about 1100USD max.

The amp I plan on getting is an Epiphone Blues Custom, and I am pretty sure I'm going to get a Dean Chrome G.

Now I have 2 issues. I have a guitar that I use primarily for slide, which is what the Dean would be used for, but the nut is very low. I've already had the nut changed once, so I don't want to do it again out of fear of damaging the wood. Should I get the Dean or should I get the nut raised on my current slide guitar and get a different guitar for normal playing? Other guitars I'm looking at include a Epiphone Wildkat and a Gretsch 5122.

Also, I was wondering what other things I should get to bolster my rig, such as effects. I don't really use modulation/phase shifters, but I like tremolo, and the Blues Custom only has built in reverb.
Boss makes a nice tremolo pedal, and you can keep the tone nice and warm with your amp, or you can get a cool industrial-sounding trem also. I'd assume you'd be going for the former. They're $100 at most retailers.
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