I know you guys dont like these threads, but I've kind of come to a roadblock with what songs to learn. I'm learning Enter Sandman right now (all except the solo), but I want to learn another song in standard tuning as well. I mainly like rock, alternative, and metal, and I've got 1 year of experience (only 6 on electric). Help, please?
You seem to like Metallica? Seek & Destroy should be easy and also fun to play.
how about some nirvana, i love to play there stuff and its easy, try something like smells like teen spirit, come as you are, in bloom, heart shaped box, or maybe like green day when i come around
just like pick bands u like and find some of there easier songs
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Queens of the Stone Age. Some of their newer stuff is in E. 3's and 7's, thats a good one. And its semi-easy.
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I'll take a look at Seek & Destroy and Fade to Black. I've already learned Smells Like Teen Spirit (it seems like everyone on this forum has), but I'll also look at some of their other songs and maybe look into Queens of the Stone Age (can't even remember when the last time I heard 3's and 7's was...)

Thanks for the quick replies!
Do you listen to music? If so, pick some songs that you like - you should be able to tell the difference between an easy song and a hard song. If you can't take a quick look at the tab, if it looks like it was created with a seismograph during an earthquake then it's probably quite hard.
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