I'm having a hard time chosing between buying a Jackson or a Dean! I have no experience of either guitars, all i have atm is a cheap starterkit.
So i need some advice! Wich is better and why?

Thanks beforehand!
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Jackson. I've had very good experiences with their cheaper guitars.
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for cheaper end ones, i'd go for Jackson
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i had thqt problem a while back only it was gibsons epis and deans, i ended up with dean because they fit well with my body type, and sound very good to me, even my db with its stocks sounds unbelievable. i dont have a problem with jacksons either a few of them sound like crap and the rhoads v are hard to try out when you sitting down in GC, but i mean your cant really go wrong with either brand, however I personally would go with dean becasue they feel better to me in all aspects. jacksons simple shapes are ok but i think their V's are were they shine, i like the warrior as well. deans mls feel good and razorbacks are perfect. you should just sit down and try them out. all around both brands arent half bad. however bandwagons will knock them to the moon probally and probally praise them constantly, depends on the bandwagon, gl making your chioce
Jackson for low-end.

Jackson for High-end.

Wait? What?
Which models?
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Dude, Jackson! Its a no-brainer really.
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definetly jackson! dean low-end models are fair poo, although some deans do look cool as ****! they dont compare to jackson.
You haven't given us any models. What do you really expect to gain from this thread?
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When you're talking high-end, its personal preference, model-specific.

Low end, Jackson. Jackson. Jackson.