Before anyone says anything, I read the stickies and I posted in the one thread but no-one answered, so I'm making this one. I did use the searchbar before posting in either thread as well.

Just a couple of quick questions really, I'm planning on modding an RG7321 and I need some advice about the paint.

First of all, how would I go about putting a Satin finish on a gloss black guitar? Would I have to sand all the way down to the wood? A run-down of that would be great, thanks. Something similar to this-

Thats not the guitar, just an example of what I'd like the RG7321 to look like.

Second of all, I like natural finished of guitars but Basswood isn't really the prettiest of woods. Has anyone here sanded down a basswood guitar and left it natural (obviously if I do it I'm going to put a good few coats of oil and wax). So could anyone tell me how that turned out and maybe post some pics?

Thanks everyone.