alright.. my girlfriend is going to an all ages nightclub tonight.

she just told me, and i never would have really guessed it... she's 14, good looking, popular but not too popular, and the innocent one in her little circle of friends.

is this a bad sign for me? or am i just being paranoid? =(...

EDIT: she isnt going with other guys, just two other girls
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Go too?
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Chill, she needs space, chances are she doesn't need you there watching her back 24/7
She's going to get fingered in a disabled toilet.

......you're being paranoid.
Paranoid? Try flat out crazy. Like ophelia-crazy.
Somewhat paranoid, but perhaps for a good reason. Did she say you couldn't come?

I mean, it's only "trouble" if you aren't trusting of her. However, if you have reason not to trust her (say she has/had previous drug problems or something), then just voice your concern, I guess.
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how old are you? >.>

you should maybe go as well if its worrying you so much

however, given that shes the "innocent one", means she probably wouldnt do anything anyway
Top lel.
She's going out?

Yes, you are being paranoid. even if it was a real nightclub, which it isn't, you'd still be overreacting.
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