First of all i think this is in the right forum but if it isnt i do appologise, but i play a wide range of genres and metal has always been a favrite of mine and iv always been intrested in the Style which bands like protest the hero use (i beleve its mathcore or somthing stupid lol i hate sub genres ) but yehh the sweep picked patters band as such use and i love the sound it gives i just wonderd (if there is any) what are the genral scales used for these?

All Helps Appreciated cheers!
i think protest the hero uses a multitude of scales being a mathcore band means they use a wide range of time sig changes and complex scales, i think they might even create their own. mathcoe is classified with use of a wide range fo scales and if ou just listen to bury the hatchet you can see how evident the frequent change is
Yehh Thanks i just wonderd if there was a genral used pattern more than any other but hearing that really doesnt supprised me as they are very tallented essecially for there age.