Aight, so i have this Vox Valvetronix. its a 15 watt and ive had it for about a year. just recently (yesterday), i was playin fade to black , and i was gettin this ****ty crackling sound. now i get it whenever i play anything. im pretty sure a tube or something broke, but i wanna make sure.

My Gear-

ESP Ltd Viper400
Vox Valvetronix 15watt
Line 6 Uber Metal
Line 6 Contrictor
what about your cables....try your guitar straight to your amp, no pedals, and try with different cables
Probably your input jack on your guitar.
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i tried putting it into the amp without any pedals, it still sounds like crap, and ive played with all my cables, nothins working, and ithinkit is a tube amp. the manual says so
i changed the noise gate, and yes it has active emg's, ill try charging the batteries
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nice, thanks the memory, it worked. props

no problem!

first time i think ive ever helped somebody on this site lool
Top lel.