They're all generally a scam I wouldn't trust it.
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dimebag put as much emotion in to 9/10 of his solos as hitler showed when putting jews in syanide showers.

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if you think you can get skill in any short period of time dream on
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hmmm. i wouldn't do it
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There are no "revolutionary secrets" to playing guitar. It's all just practice, dedication, and more practice.

Also, Charlie's playing was pretty sloppy.
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its probably just a bunch of speed techniques which are all over the internet. There's no shortcuts to guitar playing
If it were, you wouldn't have to ask.
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skill comes with practice. do you think great guitarists got so good by using a program 20 minutes a day for two weeks?

It comes with hours and hours of dedication, it's what separates great from good. Of course the way you practice affects how quickly you get good but you're not going to play fast by buying that program.
This is on the same level as lose weight without doing anything or eating less. 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks so in a little over 4 hours you will play like EVH. And its only 20 bucks. Sure beats the other way of practicing.
guitar speed lessons = penis enlargement cream

equates to the same thing to different people and its all rubbish

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