I've been playing electric for 2 years now, but I'm looking to get an acoustic guitar as well. My budget is between £200-£400 (obviously I live in the UK in case that helps). What would UG recommend?
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You can get an okay fender acoustic for that price range
or a good tanglewood
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If you want a good sound you should go for a guitar with a solid / massive (sorry, I'm not english, I hope you know what I mean) sounding board. That helps a lot.
If you can't find that in our price range I'd definately save up. It makes quite the difference.
I'll be honest and say that electric guitars are much cheaper for the sound you can get than acoustics. Plan on spending 800 so that you dont need to buy a second one further down the line. Get a solid wood of some kind. Also you should check out seagulls before they completely disappear because rumor has it Gibson is purchasing them and then they are going to take the patents and just do away with the brand. I cant find varification on that but I hear through the grapevine that allot of stores are ceasing to support Godins already.
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yup a seagull would be a good buy.

^silentdud, i'm curious, are the rumours from reliable sources? If so, i might need to look into a Seagull before they're gone.
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I dont think those rumours are reliable. Plenty of stores still stock seagulls, and if they'll stock seagulls, they'll most likely stock Godins too. Although, the license for each is different. There are still lots of stores in my area that stock Godins. Maybe it's because I'm in Canada though, who knows?
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