Not the best, but not the worst. Screams were way to distorted for my tastes, and the cleans weren't that fantastic.

ya that singer/screamer isnt in our band anymore. did you like the rest of it?
it sounded like a Japanese cartoon theme song with screaming in the background.
i didnt like the synth-y thing either, i think it would sound better with guitars playing the piano/synth parts... but that's just my opinion..
good luck anyway..
Really far away from being screamo.

But I think that if you speed up the tempo, crank up the guitar, and tone down the synth just a little bit, you guys could really get something going.
Also, may I suggest working on your pop hooks a lil'. Get some lyrics or phrases that really catch people and get stuck in their head. It'd do wonders for that style of music. Keep at it.
Invisible, yet full dressed.