I was practicing tonight and realized that occasionally, well more often than not, my picking hand thumb hits the string adjacent to the string i'm playing (the string lower in pitch, i don't know whether to describe it as the "lower" or "higher" string). anyways, i was wondering if that's a normal product of holding my pick so close to the tip. should i try and angle my hand so that i'm not hitting the strings with my thumb? i use dunlop stubby's and i have always read that you should only have a tiny little bit of the pick showing (and i'm talking tiny).

i am usually muting the adjacent string, but i was wondering if i should work on my picking hand so that the thumb never touches the strings?
Ofc your hand shouldn't touch strings you don't want it to touch...
You're supposed to be in control of what you're playing m8. But what you describe is something I think will vanish if you practice more in general . It's part of gaining experience, getting rid of the little mistakes and learning the little things.
yea i thought so. i think that my picking motion "arches" a bit too much down into the string, so i'm going to have to work on that. should i angle my hand or just change the motion of my picking so that it's more lateral?

EDIT: i was practicing really hard for a while and then took a break for about a month and i think i somehow picked up this little habit along the way. i'm going to fix it as quickly as possible. on the up side (for those of you that read one of my other posts) my muting has seen serious improvements this week alone.
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Just keep on playing I'd say :s
It 'll grow out if you're conscious.
And if you rlly want to specifically work on it, just try 2-3(-8) ways of holding the pick / picking the strings and see which ones feel natural. And if you rlly see it as a big problem with which you want concrete help, you should get a guitarist look at it in real life m8. 'Problems' like the one you're confronted with are VERY hard to solve over the internet. Just jam with one of your mates and tell him about it between 2 songs or whatever . That way you'll have a nice jamsession as well!
i definitely hear that. yea i do really need some real life guitarist interaction. i do find that as soon as i become conscious of a problem, like you said, i do tend to fix it, so i'll work on it and see what comes of it. thanks for the help

EDIT: the more i improve it seems the more i have to go back to the basics to fix little problems here and there. i find myself slowing down an absolute ****load nowadays.
I had some troubles with the same problem when i learned pinch harmonics and started mixing them into improv and such. I had to hold my pick much closer than before but after time my picking motion cleaned up with the new grip. Like the above posters said i would play while being concious of this and try to avioud it. If it is a major issue perhaps play a song/riff/whatever that causes the most amount of trouble in this way slowly until you get it clean and build up your speed. Then when you go back to other stuff you should see some improvment.

If you want to play metal get comfortable with a grip that is close enough for you to do harmonics otherwise you will have to adjust your grip to do them instead of freely mixing them in.

I am not a pinch crazy zakk wylde rip off but i like to be able do them from my standard grip if you catch my meaning. If your not into that type of stuff then dont worry about it.