I've got an Avalon electro-acoustic (AS101-ce to be precise), got it at Christmas, £470.

Well basicly the action on it is pretty high, and there is quite a bit of bow on the neck. The nut for the truss rod is inside the body, so I loosened the 3rd and 4th strings, got the alan key at it etc.

As I went to tighten the truss rod (turning it clockwise right?) the nut was already very stiff after only a few turns, and there was very little effect on the neck... I read on the leaflet jobby that was with the alan key not to over tighten it, and I don't particularly want to damage an expensive guitar! Is it normal for it to be tight to turn? Is there actually much risk if I keep turning it?

Any help appreciated. Cheers guys.
I've never actually messed with a truss rod, but I wouldn't think you should be twisting with all your might. If i were you i would take it to a professional, as you can do some serious damage if you mess up your truss rod.
Never adjust the truss rod. the truss rod is NOT. i repeat, NOT for adjusting action. Action is adjusted at the saddle and the nut. The truss rod adjusts bow. Loosen your strings so that you don't warp your neck and take it to a professional.

the reason you dont see a difference is becase you didnt loosen all the strings. right now, all the tension of the strings are trying to fight the truss rod that's trying to pull it farther back.
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