The other day someone on here told me to check out gfs strat pups, i checked out their website, the make a ton of different ones for dirt cheap compared to the bigger brands. They had some ones called '64 stagger texas blues/surf strat pickups that looked like they were well made. Has anybody else here tried them or any of their other ones?
im waiting for more people i know to buy them to decide if there good. one of my friend put one of the single coils in the neck, a lipstick in the middle, and a fat PAT humbucker in the bridge. it sounds really good. but i want more assurance. i really want to get the ones you mentioned, or the boutiqe 50s ones.
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your friends sound good huh? the guy on here the other day sounded real happy with his. they also have the pickguards already all wired with pickups installed for 140 bucks. if they are as good as they look on the website that would be a good deal. that would make my mim strat pretty sweet.
i tried out some at the guitar store, mounted in a MIM strat. they sound really good, (i compared them to the standard strat) great clarity, response yet with balls

they were the overwound vintage

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yeah the more i hear about them the more i want them. im just really careful with my hard earned cash, well most of the time.
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
Chea_man is the best.
GFS pickups are a great bang for the buck. I don't own the exact set your talking about but my opinion is still relevant considering they're still single coils. If you can save for a better set, I recommend it but if your not a tone freak and just want good, above average vintage'y tone the GFS sets are a great bargain.
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They sound alright, and if I were ever to build a guitar I would likely throw them in for cheapness and accessibility. They sound better than alot of stock pickups, but in comparison I would rather throw out the extra 20 or so dollars to move up to Dimarzio or Duncan.

Final conclusion: For the price you really can't go wrong with them.
I just checked out the dimarzios on musicians friend, they seem pretty expensive in comparison the gfs. A set of gfs cost the same as one dimarzio. For the playin i do that much extra probably wouldnt be worth it, but who knows. They make so many different ones now i gotta decide which set to get
their great on clean, but not excelent on dirty.

I could def. tell a big diffrence between my Gibson 490s