Poll: Which fruit takes yor fancy?
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Cooking Coconut
1 5%
Apple eyeing up Mr. Butterfly
1 5%
Contemplating Red Apple
1 5%
Jovial Hawaiian Pineapple
7 33%
Pervy Pears
4 19%
Blackcurrents who have shat themselves
0 0%
Banana with unique centre of gravity
0 0%
I have no idea what that it (bottom left)
2 10%
Domesticated Pears
0 0%
One Strawberry bumming another (bottom right)
5 24%
Voters: 21.
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Which one do you choose? (POLL NOW UP)

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you know, those two Pears holding hands look rather familiar.

they look like my balls
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Currently tyed between Jovial Hawaiian Pineapple & One Strawberry bumming another.
This is nail-biting stuff.
That's one hot jovial pineapple.......

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u didnt put the cherries in the poll, and i do believe that the thing in the bottom left corner is a radish.
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The strawberry on the right is even winking at me.
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u didnt put the cherries in the poll, and i do believe that the thing in the bottom left corner is a radish.

I know couldn't fit them all in.

Jovial pineapple is starting to get ahead of the pack, it's so tense i'm smashing my keyboard into the desk as I type.