I remarked when I play, I have the impression that I always miss the first string or the last one when I do an upstroke or a downstroke, and even when I'm at really low speed. I also remarked that my wrist locks when going up whatever position I am, even if I don't have pick, by this I mean I can't go upper than 90 degrees.

That's annoying, really annoying, since I started all over to get more accuracy and find out that even if I work sometimes hours on something I don't improve and seems always that the way I do it is bull**** even if I work a lot on that.

Anyone has something to say, an advice to fix something?
OK, I am having trouble understanding what your having trouble with. Are you trying to strum all of the strings, up and down?
Ha i just noticed Double Trouble!

Oh and i checked out your profile, parlez-francais?
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Yes, I do speak French. But I stick with English for commodity purpose

So what I mean, is that I use my wrist to strum 6 strings, I have the impression that I don't strum all the strings. And in my own opinion it's related on fluidity of my wrist or something like that, since I have a little problem with upstrokes. I use my wrist for strumming and I don't have the death grip problem. So I need advices to help for my precision and fluidity (which as an impact on my precision). Thank you!
try practicing your ups and downs to a doublet feel maybe switching which strokes you start with, for example maybe strum an F major barre chord and after every up and down stroke OR down and up stroke of strumming, Slide your chord up to the next position and repeat just to get the feel (1,,&2,,&1,,&2,,&1 ETC...)


Or maybe practice your triplets (the up and downs can be whatever chords or chord progressions you want to practice)
UDU DUD UDU DUD UDU DUD <Motion of wrist
--U-----D------U------D------U------D-- < Motion of arm while

Mind you this is not a very thorough explanation but hopefully you or someone will understand it and it may help
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The only thing I wanna know is the WRIST motion I should use to do an upstroke on two strings. That's all.
Left hand muting is the key. expand your strum and get in the habit of muting strings below and above the chord. This helps because if you do exaggerate the strum too much all you're going to hit is a muted string.
oh i thought you were talking about strumming open chords. Just mute the strings that you don't want to sound
Okay, thanks, but will muting be an obstacle to development of accuracy or it will not be one? Because I really want to learn in the good way, that's why I'm starting to get lessons as soon as possible, that means in August. Thanks.