Okay so i just have purchased a cabinet from a new company called guitar-cable.com and it was amazing. They have just came out with a line of cabinets called the "Almighty" and they are really impressive. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these cabinets if you were looking for a new one. I heard of these through a close friend of mine and decided to try his. After hearing one of these i was impressed and decided to buy one of my own. Their website was at www.guitar-cable.com and i really would suggest this cabinet if you were looking for one.

Idk I thought id just share my input on this brand of cabinet since there was nothing on here about them, thinking maybe someone else has heard of them/ tried one!

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hah im not advertising man i just got a new piece of equipment and was really psyched about it....i wont do it again tho my bad..really i wasnt doing it tho haha
look at his join date obvious advertising
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