I'm building a guitar (will get build thread up sometime this week for you guys ) and have currently come to the point where I need to route my neck pocket in. My brige is currently set so that it sits .320 inches above the guitar body at the middle point (the neck is set to an 11'' radius). the body is flat, and since its a fenderish style bridge theres no neck angle. My frets are .040 inches high.

My question is how far above the body should the neck sit? Should it be set so that the neck height + the fret height would be equal to how far above the bridge is? Also, that bridge measurement is from the top of the saddle, not from the "gully" where the string sits, that "gully" is about .020 inches lower.

Basically, how high should my neck be compared to my bridge on a no neck angle guitar? .040 inches lower or something (what my cheapo guitar is) or should they be parallel or something?

thank you
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