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Mix is really good.

I don't if it's my favourite lead tone. It has to sound fun and all, but I would like to hear something a little squarer and maybe... like flange or a filter or something to make it change up a bit throughout the song.

The actual composition of the lead is nice and simple, which is good for like... hooking in people's minds, but I'd like some runs using 16th notes or something. And maybe changing the patterns in unexpected way.

I think the composition of the backing was the best part of the track.
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Thankyou so much for the crit. I actually got very lazy on the lead guitar and rythem. When I first wrote the song it was one instrument, and that was the synth. I just added guitar to make it sound more complete. Yea I know its not technical in any way but I wanted it to be a very basic song.
Keep workin' on er'. The open is really good, and it hooks the mind for sure.

Some changes in the tones throughout would be nice, and rewrite the lead in some places to use more.... kinda unexpected notes rather than just going up scale of the backing chord sometimes.

The rhythm changes and main like... "hook" lead part was really good. As for the rest, I can almost hear some places where a couple quicker notes going unexpectedly would really add something to the lead synth.
If I did it, this is how I did it.
Hey man if I send you the MIDI do you think you could help me out. I doubt I am going to get vocals on this piece so I am going to rework, and add more to the song.
Well I'd be happy to take a look at it of course, but i've been working on a song myself, and I really haven't had much time on it so far.

I have been 9-5ing it lately, plus working on some... other projects... : )
If I did it, this is how I did it.