I know what it is, and I can kind of do it, but obviously not well. Does anyone have any advice for practicing and/or learning the picking or any methods they use to do so. In advance all help is greatly appreciated.
make sure that you have zero tension in your shoulder/forearm. the motion has to be all in the wrist. Also, as aforementioned, use a metronome.
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Make sure you've got your arm anchored/resting on the guitar, somewhere on your forearm. Also be sure to use only your wrist, and make sure the alternate picking motion is very tight. The tighter, the faster you'll be able to go. To get up to like Dick Dale speed, just practice alternate picking but slowly getting faster. Have fun!
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Practise your up stroke picking for a couple of weeks, your playing will increase dramaticly ( assuming that you are more accomplished on down strokes than you are up strokes ).
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Don't worry about it too much, it's not like it's a crucial technique. Just work on your normal picking, as you get faster and more accurate tremolo picking will come to you a lot easier.
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