Hey, I've done some searching and found many opinions on multi-effects units, and was wondering which one would be best? I have the money for just about anything at the moment, and was looking at the Boss-GT10... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I like the Boss SuperSearchBar pedal. it has everything i need
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The Line 6 X3 or the digitech GSP1101 through a tube power amp are the best you can get. Boss isnt renowned for its warm, organic amp models. They are the most digital of the digital amp modelers.
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I've heard that the g-major has quality effects and would be at home in a pro rig.
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Quote by martinez952000

It's the simplest and the best.

Yeah, I might agree, if his price range was a little lower. If he can go for better (which even I admit... there is better), why shouldn't he?
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I do believe FLCLcowdude has one of those, I'd shoot him a PM or something.
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For what? The G-System (around $1400) has spectacular sound quality, but it only covers your basic modulation, harmonization, EQ, and Compression effects. For anything more creative or insane, look at an Eventide (around $4000)
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