Can someone help me understand like the defining differences between American-voiced amps and British-voiced amps?
American: Fender and Mesa Boogie. Less mids generally and are known for cleans (Fender and high gain (Mesa)
British: Marshall and Vox. More Classic Rock type amps. More mids and have a nice growl/chime to them. Marshall gets crunchy and Vox is chimey.
British= marshall and orange type amps

American= fender and mesa

British ususally means EL-34 or El-84 tubes and american usually means 6l6 or 6v6 tubes.
These are not set in stone by any means though. I have a mesa f-30 and since it has el84s it can be very british and crunchy, but with the right settings it can get the smoother mesa distortion.
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