I just learned nothing else matters by metallica and want to learn more like it.
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I'd start a World War too if I listened to enough polka.

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the one that introduced me to fingerstyle was love song by tesla, simple but fun to play...
i hope no one says stairway
Blackwater Park by Opeth
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learn some chet atkins or jerry reed
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you should learn stairway! haha. only cuz that guy didn't want anybody suggesting that

Coheed and Cambria have some cool fingerpicking songs, like Always and Never, IRO-Bot, and part of The Light and The Glass. The Prize Fighter Inferno have some really cool fingerpicking songs, like Easter, The Missing McCloud boys, and a few others.
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learn some chet atkins or jerry reed
+1 on that. Dust in the Wind is good for beginner fingerpickers.
lol, im useless at fingerpicking, i play nothing else matters with a pick:P, i still think it sounds fine though...each to their own style ey...hey i even play bass with a pick. hell with it =D
There is a song called chasing shadows at midnight, by pillar. The verses are fingerpicked. You need a pick for the chorus tho.. And they have yet to make a tab with the solo in it....
tears in heaven anyone?
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Under the Bridge, Stairway (actually how I learned to finger pick, no matter how cliche), or some soft parts in heavier songs, like middle of master of puppets, intro part of you can't bring me down.
If you know some slide guitar, Stack Shot Billy by The Black Keys is a good one.