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most lie but really how much sleep do you get a night, can u not sleep or do just prefer not to? just a random question
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10 hours
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I get about 8 hours a night during the school year.

12 during the summer.
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make a poll...

I get probably 6-7.5hrs, so not enough...
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8 hours. Not enough
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6 (once school is over 10) i notice when i sleep a long time i dont like to get up and i feel like **** so i really try to only get 6 or 7 hours of sleep. Anyone else have the same problem...if they sleep to long they still feel tired?
Six or seven on school or work nights, around ten when I don't have to wake up for anything.
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it ranges from 5 to 8.. sometimes more.. sometimes less.. it's just an average.
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depends, lastly my body is waking itself up after about 4-6 hours just this weekend i woke up at 8 and 10 and went to bed a 4 and 5.but it aslo varies my body max amount it does is 8 hours, thats it
All sleep hours range from 0-16.

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Sometimes i only get about 4 hours a night...
but usually about 6
I sleep about 4 hours a night if I work at 6am the next day which is about 4 days a week. Other days I try to play catch up and get around 8-10.
i usually sleep for about 7 hours
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I'm a mess if I get any less than 8 or anymore than 10. On average I get maybe 6-7. I wake up a lot, but when I somehow manage to get a deep sleep, waking up is almost impossible.
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around 8. During school less. During summer more.
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about 9 hours.
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school nights about 6 or 7 hours, summer 12
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25 hours

okay then is this all in one day?

If I stay on the computer for a while at night, maybe 6-7. If I choose not to, then around 11.
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6 - 7 hours weekday.
Weekends are always random.
I really need more sleep...starting to fall asleep in class
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