How is it? Would it be good as a first 7 stringer?

I have the chance to buy it used for around $150 USD, would it be worth it?

Would buying a 7 String effect my ability to play my 6?


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I'd do it, provided it's in good condition still. No, playin a 7 shouldn't affect your ability to play a 6. Go for it, man; that's wat I say.
is it the one on ebay?? i saw one of em there a few days ago.... cant remember why i didnt want it....
Yes, it's worth it, probably the only Alder 7 string at an affordable price on the market. I find the neck on it to warp a bit fast but thats the only complaint I had when borrowing it for a few days.

EDIT: Another comparable option would be that lower end Washburn 7 string, I just forgot the name.
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