i am a beginner bass player (2 months) my band wants to play the song i dont have to be me (till monday) by steve azar. from what i can tell, the bass is very simple, my guess it just goes:


for most of the song. however, i am not very good at tabbing, so i would like someone else's opinion who has more experience in this area. thanks for helping me out.
^^^ Terrible advice.

FIrst of all: You don't anything about his situation so you have no right to comment on something when he didn't ask for it.

He could've been playing in the band for years as a guitarist or something and then the band decided he would play bass for this song. And he himself said this was a very simple song.

Even if that's not true, he has every right to be in a band so I suggest either giving a reason why he shouldn't be playing in a band or keep "advice" like that to yourself.

And TS, try this:

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Thanks a bunch!! i knew i was way off but i couldn't figure it out myself. I appreciate it