(I'm a noob so if this is a common thread please point me to a good past discussion)
I'm looking at buying a practice amp

I want a clean sound and want no effects at all, I plan to buy pedals instead.

Can I use a stage monitor as a clean amp?

Are there any drawbacks or problems that others have experienced?

At this time i plan to buy a Roland Cube 15x but I'm looking at alternatives first.
Um...I would NOT recommend usin a monitor as an amp. Why? Cuz the soundguy has too much damn control over volume, low and high frequencies, and other numerous things that will annoy you unceasinly (if you use a monitor as an amp and) as you get better. Jus get a normal acoustic amp.
Tho, I'd buy that Roland Cube myself. I love Rolands. They're some of the best amps out there, imho. Buy the mother****in Roland! Seriously, buy it.
I plug a MultiFX into a PA all the time. As long as you tell the sound guy how much you wanna be EQ'd, you're fine. And the sound guy will have more control over your sound because he's the one mixing everything and can even out your volume with the rest of the band.

Also, I don't like how a guitar run straight into a PA without effects sounds :/
But that's just my opinion.
a monitor may not be as loud or give too much feedback. they really aren't meant to be amps. i think it may not give the sound terribly well because its just a speaker whereas an amp takes the vibrations and makes them loud enough to hear. if you've ever tried to hook up turn tables to a stereo without the amplifier, you'll know what i mean.

but if you want the equilizer, its probably best to run from an amp to the PA. it will require more cords and stuff, but it will have better fine tuning.