At most a screw drive and a soldering iron. If it isn't soldered then all you need is the screw driver.
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Well it does matter on the ohmage of the speakers too, but if they are the same ohmage as the ones you are replacing, then all you should need is a screwdriver. If the ohmage is different, you're gonna have to re-wire the cab, but that's easy to avoid as long as you get the same ohmage of speakers as the ones you are getting rid of.
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Will this involve many tools, or is it a relatively simple process?

Very simple. Quite time consuming if you don't have a powered screwdriver. About 20-30 screws in the back of a cabinet, well a 4x12 at least, and they go about an inch deep with a ton of threads...
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But really...match the ohm and wattage loads for the replacement, unscrew the screws holding the old speaker in, and pull the leads on it. Put in the new one, screw it in, re-attach the leads.