I'm looking for a JEM like guitar in the 600-800 range (granted, yes I know they will require some tweeking) and any suggested modifications (recommended pickups,bridge,trem etc) would be greatly appreciated!
The basswood one: Ibanez Prestige with basswood body + Dimarzio Breeds. The newer ones have the Edge Zero bridge though, and some Prestige Ibanez's have mahogany body.
The white (alder) one: an alder-bodied Jackson with Dimarzio Evos. Trem won't feel like the JEM though.
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i'd probably go with an rg1570 + pickup swap. i realise the highest model JEM is alder, but the others are basswood, plus (if you ask me) having the correct HSH pickup assortment is more key to getting his sound than the correct body wood... considering it's got a trem and a bolt-on neck, the body wood difference to the tone will probably be quite minor...
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